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Public events for the brewery and/or our products. 

This year's calendar of events is woefully behind, but can be found our FAQ page.

The building of the Castle Brewery.  Yea, yea, it was finished in 2007, and we know we need to show the finished product.  But most just come and visit.

Thanksgiving Travels to Chicago 2019
December 2019 Christmas Message.   .

February 2013 Ruby joins the family. A mix of Lab and Springer.   Unfortunately, an inherent kidney defect takes her after only a year.

April 2011 Tipper joins the family and passes suddenly in August.

October 2010 Xena has Died.
September 2009 City-to-Country Tour of the Brewery
2007 Empty Nester Visit to Hawaii

July 2003 Spot has Died.
July 2003 Carol & Carl's 50th Wedding Anniversary

2001 Family Road Trip of Great Britain

September 1994, Mark tries his hand at a new hobby - home brewing

You are born in pain.
You live in fear.
You die alone.
-- An Irish Christmas Blessing

In response to a paultry, but insistent, demand for a tour of our sense of humor, we have tried to collect some of the more memorable looks on the lighter side of the Glewwe psychic.

There is Hope.  The light at the end of the tunnel.

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"I picture battlements, tunics, and damsels with low-cut blouses serving chunks of mutton and ale."

- Mark Giorgini

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