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Erik Turns 17 with Friends
Erik is now 17 Years Old.
His parentss bribed some "friends" to celebrate.
Guess which anti-social child is Erik.
Erik Turns 17 and Eats
At 17, a teenager's appetite is never quenched.
"Feed me, I'm starving!"


I am Erik James (as in James Bond Jr.) Glewwe. I am the youngest child (born January 26, 1988). Diana is my older sister (born November 16, 1982). I live with Mom (Laurel J.) and Dad (Mark D.) in the Glewwe castle (aka, home) in in Prior Lake, Minnesota. If you want to know more, check out our family page.

School (or how I became so smart)

I love school - when it's closed.

I am attending Hidden Oaks middle school.

Play (or how I became so likable)

Go! Go! Power Rangers!

Besides the obligatory domestic responsibilities of a farm kid, I am in Boy Scout Troop 339 (Indianhead Council). We are sponsored by the Prior Lake VFW. I like to watch TV, especially Power Rangers and Pokemon.

Sources of other Information

Reading is Knowledge. Knowledge is Power. Power Corrupts.

There is a lot of information that can be retrieved from the World Wide Web (WWW). Some can be gotten from Web Pages of institutions, organizations, or commercial ventures. In addition, search engines allow you to look for information based on key words or phrases.

Happy Hunting.

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