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This Years Upcoming Events

We started to have Open Houses in 2010 to share the insanity with our fans
and We Plan to Keep Doing Them This Year Too.
See our open house schedule for Sundays (May-September).
Sunday's special events can include pot-luck snacks, special music, and apple/pear pressing

Current Status !!
As of March 2024,

For now:

  • We are starting our 30th year of making fine beverages. 
  • We are supporting Boathouse Brothers, KCHK winners and special orders (graduation parties, etc.). 
    Give us a call to set up an appointment.

    Warning:  Costs have risen dramatically in the past couple of years. 
    With regrets we anticipate our prices will be changing some in 2024.

Starting in May:

  • If the signs are out on the road, we are open for sales, tastings & socializing,
    but being an outside venue it would need to be nice weather.
  • Our open house schedule is starting up in May, 2024.
  • Farmington Farmers Market on Thursdays starts May 2nd, 2024.
  • New Prague Farmers Market on Saturdays starts May 11, 2024.
  • We continue to support Boathouse Brothers, KCHK winners, Credit River Antique Tractor Club,
    and special orders (graduation parties, etc.) all year. 
    Give us a call to set up an appointment.
Looking forward to exciting 2024!

We Are Back in 2024!!
But some stuff is changing:
The Little Market that Could is at Shepard of the Lake is closed.
We will be attending the New Prague and the Farmington farmers markets.

"Curbside Service" at the brewery
Saturdays 11am - 4pm
May thru September

and check out our special events this year!

And we would also like to Thank the following local venues
for carrying some of our sodas:
Boathouse Brothers
, downtown Prior Lake

and may we suggest that you ask Enzo's Pizza to carry our sodas too.

Welcome to

The shameless Sales Department of
Glewwe's Castle Brewery, 
Prior Lake, Minnesota USA

Home Made Root Beer since 1994

Wow!  Our popularity is overwhelming us!

and it does not show signs of slowing down.

Even the them national home brewers (AHA) are talking about root beer.

A local Girl Scout troop in April 2018 thought it would be nice to try a troop meeting and pair our sodas with their cookies.  It was fun.
Then in February 2019, the troop teamed up with us and Shakopee Brewhall to have a public pairing of their cookies with beer/sodas. 
And then we did it again in 2020.

In September of 2017, the Shakopee Brewhall started carrying our root beer and cream soda for the folks looking to sip on a non-alcoholic beverage.
But in February 2018, they had dropped us to experiment with some cheaper options.
In April 2018, the Boathouse Brothers Brewing (in Prior Lake) opened and is carrying our sodas (root beer is on tap - see our new tap handles).
In March 2018, the Growler magazine published an online article on root beer in Minnesota and we will be a part of the story.
And in early June 2018, the Celebrate Prior Lake marketing wrote a nice article about us.
And in the December 2018, Roets Brewery in Jordan started carrying our sodas.  And Shakopee Brewhall in Shakopee started back carrying our sodas again - Thank you!.
And in March, 2019 the Weenie Wagon is carrying us to achieve the old-fashioned flavor they have been looking for.
In July 2019 Laurel got us some some publicity in the local paper.

The Root Beer Trackers promises to provide a review (but we are still waiting). 

For more, take a look at a growing list of kudos and history.

If you are a Facebook sort of person, please check out:
Glewwe Castle Brewery
Fans of Glewwe's Castle Brewery

We  have been making home brewed beverages since 1994.  In the Spring of 2004, we were approached by the Prior Lake Farmers Market to sell our Root Beer.  This was a new venture.  After some research, the family decided that we could take a shot at "the big time".  The up-side potential seemed to outweigh the down-side potential.  So, on May 15, with the frost almost off the morning grass, father and son bundled up our equipment and set up a modest booth at the opening day of the PLFM.  Check out our historical archive for more mundane comments on our past.  And how about a BBQ sauce made from root beer.

The PLFM is open 8am-Noon on Saturday mornings.  In general, the market runs from mid-May thru mid-October.  Currently, the farmers markets are our only regular sales outlet.  The PLFM is located in downtown Prior Lake on Main street, just west of Hwy 13 at County Road 21.  Free parking is available at several lots along Main Street and behind the VFW.  This is an experiment that is growing at a surprising rate.

A bit of market history

In 2008, we broadened our outreach with the Eagan Market Fest, next to the Eagan Community Center, off of Pilot Knob road between Yankee Doodle road and Lone Oak road.  The Eagan Market Fest is run by the city of Eagan and blends the farmers market with musical shows and other community events.  The EMF is Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm from early July until mid-September. Unfortunately, after 3 years we are unable to continue this market due to other obligations.

Then we started at the New Prague Farmers market.  The NPFM starts in mid-May on Saturday mornings from 9am-Noon in the parking lot of the Community Baptist Church, just east of downtown New Prague.  And starting in mid-June, when the traditional farmer's produce starts to become available, the NPFM will also be open Wednesday afternoons from 3pm-6pm.  The NPFM runs until mid-October.

Another market was at the St. Francis Farmers market in Shakopee.  The market was a cooperation between St. Francis Medical Center and Park Nicollet. This market ran mid-June on Tuesdays from 10am-2pm in the parking lot of the St. Francis Medical Center, just southeast of downtown Shakopee on Marschal Avenue. The market runs until mid-October. Unfortunately, after only one year we are unable to continue this market due to other obligations.

In 2012, we broadened our outreach with the Market in the Valley Farmers Market, next to the Golden Valley Government Center (under the water tower), just north of Hwy 55 at Winnetka Avenue.  They blend the farmers market with musical shows and other community events.  The market is Sundays from 9pm-1pm from June until end of September.  Unfortunately, after 3 years we are unable to continue this market due to other obligations.

In 2013, as we broadened our outreach to Dakota County with the Farmington Farmers Market, next to the Farmington Government Center (downtown on 3rd Street).  They offers residents and visitors many fresh, locally grown and produced items with other community events.  The market is Thursdays from 2:30pm-6:30pm from mid-June until end of September.

Our newest adventure started in 2018 when we returned to Shakopee as part of the Chamber of Commerce effort to get the farmers market up and going again, this time in downtown Shakopee.  It is running Sundays from 11am - 4pm from mid-July to end of September.  It will be nice to be back in Shakopee.

We prefer you contact us at any of the farmers markets, but if you are unable, please see our contact information.  In addition, we have looked into other venues, such as craft fairs, to provide our product during the "off season".  If you want a tour of the facilities, or just want to stop by, please make an appointment (see our contact information and directions to get here).  We have hosted tours for scouting troops, church seniors, retired police officers, and even a "girls night out".  Ask to be on our distribution list and we will gladly keep you informed of future sales.

And with the demand (and my wife wanting her kitchen back), we have built our own brewery building "out back".  In June of 2012, we even put in Air Conditioning to prevent a bottling washer revolt. Actually, it was to keep the Swiss chocolate from melting, but the bottle washers enjoy it too.

Current Non-Alcoholic Products

Root Beer      Creme Soda

Ginger Ale      Raspberry Ginger Ale     Ginger Beer

Black Cherry   Lemonade

Sales Information

Please notice pricing and available products may vary depending on venue.

Please note.  Some price changes have occurred due to years of costs increases. 
After many years, we have had to make some increases.  Sorry!

At the Markets Only
Small Cup (~ 8 oz) $1.25
Large Cup (~ 16 oz) $2.00
Bottle Openers $1.00
Poker Chip
Gift Certificate
1/2 litre Flippy (swing-top)
  - refills with bottle return
Litre Flippy (swing-top)
  - refills with bottle return
30-year Flippy (750ml)
Small Bottles to Go (~ 12 oz)
Single Small Bottle
4-pack of small bottles
 - with bottle returns
6-pack of small bottles
  - with bottle returns
24-case of small bottles
  - with bottle returns
Larger Bottles to Go (> 12 oz)
Single Large Bottle (22oz)
  - with bottle returns
12-case of large bottles
  - with bottle returns
1/2 litre Flippy (swing-top)
  - refills with bottle return
Litre Flippy (swing-top)
  - refills with bottle return
30-year Flippy (750ml) $8.00/ea

And we reuse beer bottles!

Looking for a kegger for your next special event?

We also offer the use of 5 gallon kegs and taps for your party needs. 

Looking for something special or different?

We also handle special orders.  We have helped out non-profit organizations (eg., scouting troops, schools) with refreshments and demonstrations.  Or maybe that special celebration could use a custom label for bottles.  We even have unique bottles to choose from.  Contact us with your request and let us see if we can help.

We are also doing research and development on other products.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Looking for wholesale pricing?

Contact us.  Our margins are not too big, but we may be able to help you out if you want to resell our product at your tap room or food truck or restaurant.  Please note, we are very small operation and we may not be able to meet your demand.

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