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    Family History & Heritage

    Mark and Laurel (Bryson) met as Freshmen at Bemidji State University in 1974. Five years later, they called a truce and agreed to enter into holy matrimony. They were married on August 23, 1980 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. They have two children: Diana (born November 1982) and Erik (born January 1988).

    The Glewwe Family lives in Spring Lake Township of Scott County on 10 acres just south of Prior Lake, Minnesota.  If you know the area, we are down near the Minnesota Horse & Hunt club and Doherty's Pub.

    The current livestock includes Xena the warrior pup, Shadow the cat, and Belzebub, the love bird. Sadly, Tweetie the bird. passed on in the Autumn of 2000 and Spot the wonder dog passed on in July of 2003.  Occasionally, extra animals have shared the estate on a more temporary basis.  For example, new in 1999, 5 turkeys arrived and stuck around until November.  So Yummy! that we got 4 more in the June of 2001.  In 2002 we raised 3 ducks.  Not as much meat, but tasty.  In 2003, the great debate was Pheasants (Laurel) or Peacocks (Mark).  The kids have put in a resounding vote for Nothing!

    Mark is the eldest son (born September 1956) of Carl & Carol Glewwe living in Eagan, Minnesota. His brother, Paul (born April 1958), is an economist and works for the World Bank in Washington DC (but is currently on a leave of absence with the School of applied economics - Ag. school - at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, Minnesota. His sister, Sue (born May 1960), is a homemaker in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

    Laurel is the eldest daughter (born April 1956) of Dick & Mavis Bryson living in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Her brother, Victor, previously owned a self-serve car wash (until it was discovered to be toxic waste dump) and continues to live in Albert Lea. Her twin sisters, Joy, is living in Buda, Texas; and Joan, works for a nursing home in Albert Lea.

    Work (or how we make our $$$)

    Work banishes three great evils: boredom, vice and poverty. - Voltaire

    Mark is employed by developing quality software products for the real-time embedded marketplace. He is currently employed by Goodrich Corporation Sensor Systems in Burnsville, Minnesota.  His previous employment were 8 years with General Dynamics Information Systems (formally Computing Devices International, Control Data) in Bloomington, Minnesota; and 13 years with Lockheed Martin (formerly Univac, Sperry, Unisys, Paramax, Loral) in Eagan, Minnesota.  Visit his work page for more information.

    Laurel is currently working as the HR manager for MinnPar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Formerly, she has worked for Lynn Temporary Services, Progressive Technology, Lockheed Martin (when it was part of Unisys) and Unisys.  Visit her work page for more information.

    Diana graduated high school, part of the Prior Lake - Savage Area Schools.  She started a pursuit for a Computer Engineering degree, but now graduated with a Political Science degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Living in Chicago, she seems happy and gainfully employed to pay for her collegiate degree.

    Erik is graduated high school, part of the Prior Lake - Savage Area Schools.  He is now attending Normandale Community College and working towards a chemical engineering major.  He is also the extordinary apprentice to his father and working "part time" in the brewery and the Prior Lake Farmers Market.

    Play (or how we spend our $$$)

    There's nothing like good food, good wine, and a good mate.

    Besides the obligatory domestic responsibilities of a family and "farm", the family has been to Disneyworld three times (last trip was for Erik's birthday in January, 1999), a trip to Great Britain (March 2001). We also have wonderful friends in parts of the country that provide the joy of visiting and exploring (eg., Scarborough Rennaissance Faire)  The family attends ValleyView Baptist Church (associated with North American Baptist Conference) in Shakopee, Minnesota.

    Mark is enjoys Canoeing, Music, Epicurean Delights of Wine, Chocolate, & Beer, Homebrewing, Wargaming, Gardening, and other thingsVisit his play page for more information.

    Laurel is entertained by Travel, Flower gardening, Drinking Wine, Eating Chocolates, and other things.

    Diana is an avid reader and is entertained by reading science fiction and fantasy. She is a former Girl Scout, played Alto Saxophone in the school bands, and does LARP with the Society in Shadow folk and plays other games.

    Erik was in Boy Scouts (troop 339 of Indianhead Council), cartoons (Disney, Power Rangers, etc.), and playing the Baritone in the school bands.  Currently, he likes video games that he can play on a high performance PC or game system.  He is a socialite with no less than 10 female friends to keep him company.

    Mom & Dad liked to send the kids to Village Creek camp in Lansing Iowa.

    Contact information

    You can contact us via e-mail:
    Mark  @ glewwe-castle.com - also a.k.a webmaster, brewer, & vintager 

    or mark.glewwe at utas.utc.com (work)
    Laurel  @ glewwe-castle.com - the brewer's wife - also a.k.a VPoO or VPoop
    Diana  @ glewwe-castle.com
    Erik  @ glewwe-castle.com - also a.k.a. apprentice

    Current Events

    Events that are related to work, brewing, wargaming, scouting, & other interesting events
    2006 Winter Spring Summer Autumn
    2004 Winter Spring Summer Autumn
    2003 Winter Spring Summer Autumn
    2002 Winter Spring Spring Autumn
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    2000 Winter Spring Summer Autumn
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    1998 Winter Spring Summer Autumn

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