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Okay, let's begin with the basics.  My name is Diana Glewwe. Pictures of me! I am a proud resident of Spring Lake Township, NOT Prior Lake.   There are four of us out here, Mark and Laurel (aka Mommy and Da), Erik (a brother, enough said) and myself.  If you want to know about my family click here family page.  We also have assorted wildlife, including two dogs (Spot, the old puppy, and Xena, the stupid one), a cat (shadow) and turkeys (who are destined to die soon).  The dirt road that I have lived on for most of my life has just recieved the death sentance of being paved.  I like my gravel raoad and can live with a dirty car but apparently there are those that feel otherwise.

School (or how I waste away my winter)

Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.

Recently, I have joined the proud ranks of those who have survived thirteen long years of torture and idiocy to graduate from that prison for youth they call Prior Lake Senior High.  Next year I've grand plans of attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  A top ten school for both sports and hard core partying.  There I'm going to try my hand at computer engineering.  Who knows, that may even be the major that I keep.

Summer (or how I enjoy my life)

Minnesota does have summer, contrary to popular belief.  For three of four days out of the year, the snow melts, the rain stops and the sun comes out.   It's a wierd phenomenon.  But then the mosquitos chase people back into their cabins and life goes on.  But over the years, I've collected a few oddball hobbies that I can induldge in during the summer.  Several of these are listed on the other page, page 2.

Sources of other Information

There is a lot of information that can be retrieved from the World Wide Web (WWW). Some can be gotten from Web Pages of institutions, organizations, or commercial ventures. In addition, search engines allow you to look for information based on key words or phrases.

Happy Hunting.