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The National Broadcasting Service is reporting that the Glewwe Estate and the National Canine Party have confirmed the death of past Presidential candidate, Spot "the wonder dog" Glewwe.  Official time and date of of death is recorded as July 11, 2003  3:30 PM and passed peaceably at the Prior Lake Pet Hospital.  In keeping with the desires of the family, services and internment were held at the Glewwe Estate (famous home of the Midwest Castle Brewery & Winery) with only immediate family members present.  The simple burial was adorned with wildflowers and a single red rose.

Family members present were Mark, Laurel, Diana & Erik Glewwe and Spot's personal aide and potential Presidential candidate, Xena Glewwe.  Shadow Kitty-Kitty Glewwe could not be reached for comment (The National Enquirer is reporting that Shadow felt a afternoon nap was more important than attending the service).  Spot Glewwe was preceded in death by her Vice Presidential candidate, Tweety Bird Glewwe.

A public wake was held at Spot's favorite pizza parlor, Davanni's.



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