Christmas 2001


Happy Holidays to one and all.  We hope this note finds you all healthy, wealthy & wise.

Family State of Affairs

Diana's car (a red 1992 Chevy Lumina) is sitting in cold storage (cluttering up our driveway) while she is attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  Yep, she is going to America's number one party school while trying to convince everyone that she is there for an education in computer engineering.  She graduated from Prior Lake High School in June and even got a scholarship from Women of Today.  It is hard to think of Diana as a woman - all grown up and all - especially as she power shops for Power Puff Girls toys for herself.

Erik is now officially out of elementary school.  He is in 8th grade and the opportunities keep opening up.  He is playing a valve trombone in the school jazz band, was awarded the Order of the Arrow for Boy Scouts, and spent 3 long consecutive weeks at camps this summer.  No girls yet, but he has kept busy.  Now that Diana has abandoned her room, Erik has spent many weeks kicking her stuff out,  painting, redecorating, and moving his stuff in.  Mom & Dad quickly slapped together a guest room for Diana just before she came home for Thanksgiving break.  Erik's computer seems to be busy playing games and putting together customized Christmas shopping lists for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  What a clever boy!

Mark has now been with BFGoodrich Aerospace four years, but it is now just called Goodrich.  He is leading a development project for a stall warning product to be part of a new Cessna Sovereign aircraft due to be out in 2004.  He also spent much of the past year working on the committee hosting the international convention for Ada that took place in early October here in the Twin Cities.  Things went well, and Goodrich even recognized him with a Technology Leadership award.  Laurel has now been with MinnPar Inc. for over 2-1/2 years. She seems to like her job as administrative manager since she continues to put up with the 30 mile drive on 35W into the heart of Minneapolis.

The pets are doing pretty good.  Shadow, the cat, continues to get fatter and lazier.  Spot, at 14 years, is looking like an exhausted parent figure for Xena, which is finally showing signs of outgrowing that puppy phase.  Xena seems to be settling in at a solid 75 pounds.  This year's Turkeys did well.  Xena learned to unlatch the gate to the turkey coop so the turkeys could get plenty of exercise. The executioner weighed Gertrude (the hen) at 29 pounds.  All 3 of the roosters weighed more, with the largest rooster weighing in at 43 pounds.  Come on over for supper some time.  Bring your friends and family. We are having turkey!

Looking Back over the Past Year

If you are having troubles finding us on the world wide web, that is probably due to EarthLink buying our ISP and failing to live up to most of their promises.  They promised no changes, but changed our homepage URL, Diana's e-mail address, Erik was not allowed to put his address in the same domain, and have only raised the price twice in the past 9 months for this level of support.  Oh, and did we mention our SPAM has risen about 1000% since they slammed us?  Don't think we am vindictive (well, Mark may be a wee bit), but just do not believe their hype about being a good ISP on the "real internet" (aka., treating customers like people who pay to receive unsolicited commercial advertising).  Okay, Mark is done ranting & raving.  For now.

In March the family packed our bags and took a fast paced tour of Great Britain.  In about a week and a half, we visited England, Scotland, and Wales.  Stayed in York, Edinburgh, Bath, and even a castle in Ruthin.  Saw a mini-stonehedge, the Roman baths, castles, cathedrals, and the dark and scary streets haunted by ghosts.  We ate beef, haggis, lamb, pizza, and drank a pint or two of ale.  It was a great time, and if you have the time you can read more on our web page at  If you are not connected to the world wide web, let us know and we can always send you the story, pictures, and interesting side comments from the trip.

Mark's "little" cousin, Grant, was married this Spring down in Nashville.  An absolutely wonderful event.  The Scottish theme ran through most of the weekend activities, including a tad bit of food, drink, and dancing.  This road trip provided Mark & Erik an opportunity for a little father & son bonding.   Our best wishes to Grant & Sandra for this year and many to come.  As for the rest of the clan, it was good to see the Glewwes during this special time.

We already mentioned Diana graduated from High School in June.  Big party.  Big Tent.  Laurel was very proud of her daughter.  If some of you were hoping for an Oktoberfest in 2001, let me extend our deepest regrets, but the graduation party was the festive event of the year.

Mark did quite well in the autumn competitions this year - including a Grand Champion at the Scott County Fair and Red Ribbon (2nd place) at the Minnesota State Fair for his apple cider.  Lots of other awards, including a blue ribbon (1st) and white ribbon (3rd) for photos taken while in Britain.  Wahoo!  Laurel even found a brew she was very fond of - a Melomel.  Melomel is a mead (fermented honey) with fruit added.  In this particular variety Mark used tart cherries. We have lots, so don't be shy to ask for some. Cider pressing and mead were in big production this year.  Next year looks to be another rewarding year too.

Looking Forward to Next Year

At present, we do not have any plans for 2002 other than trips to Madison to visit Diana and Mark experimenting with tearing up our 10 acres for a vineyard.  We do wish you all a prosperous and happy 2002 and a joyous Christmas season.  Hope to see you all soon.

The Glewwe Family in Prior Lake
Mark, Laurel, Diana, Erik, Spot, Xena, and Shadow

P.S.  FYI - we are wired.  Mark & Laurel can be reached at, Diana at "", and Erik at "". Our World Wide Web site is  Even this letter can be found on-line.