The World Mourns


Death of Spot "the Wonder Dog"

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Read the Condolences we have Received 
from around the World

We wish to express our most sincere condolences in the loss of your beloved Spot.
She will be sorely missed by all.
We will donate a slightly used dog chew to the local dog pound in memory of Spot.
We will also wear black armbands while mowing the lawn this week.

Spot's loving Grandparents   :-(
Eagan, Minnesota, USA

Oh, my condolences.  Really, I don't handle transitions like this very well,
so I'm quite sorry to hear this.  You know, my dog Nicky died the weekend we
were off at your wedding in Albert Lea?

I'd always figuratively looked up at Spot.  I mean, most dogs would be
content to chew on a rawhide bone, but Spot wasn't afraid to chew on the
major issues facing our country.  We need more dogs like Spot.

Condolences to the family.

Shekou, Shenzhen, PRC

We at the Terhark clan (including Misty, Buddy, and Jazz) extend our deepest sympathies.
We are glad we had the last chance to "speak" with Spot on the 4th of July.
We hope your memories comfort you at this time of loss.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA

As Spot's California Campaign Manager, I am sadden by our loss, and
wish to annouce that the local Doggie Beaches have been closed for mourning this illustrious hound.
By the way, Mark, how about you enter the Pacific Open Brew Off and come out to California in September.
We can go to Houndington Beach and throw out a memorial wreath.

Long Beach, California, USA

Mark,  Sorry to hear of the passing of Spot. 
I'm sure another candidate will come along.
This is the best figure I could find.
Thanks so much for the party for Carl and Carol's 50th anniversary.
It was great to see family and friends.
Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

I'm sorry to hear about Spot. I know how hard the loss of a beloved pet can be.
Just remember all the good years and times spent with her.
Take heart that she lived a full life and that she would never wish any of you to be unhappy.
My best wishes to you and your family during this painful time.

Gene, Tas and Tiara
Stillwater, Minnesota, USA

I am sorry to hear Spot has died.
It must be hard to say goodby to a long time friend.

Edina, Minnesota, USA

In deepest sympathy at this time upon the los of your pet.
Thinking of you in your time of sorrow.

Our Vet, DMV
Prior Lake, Minnesota, USA

So sorry to hear that Spot is gone - sweet dog.
Oh well.  Our sympathy again and I hope all else is well.

Beth and family
Minnesota, USA

Sorry to hear about Spot.
I know you will keep her spirit with you with her loving memories.

Diane & Greg
Frederick, Maryland, USA

oh, sorry to hear about your pooch

Scandia, Minnesota, USA

The Rainbow Bridge We are so sorry to hear about Spot.  We are sending you the Rainbow Bridge.  It really helped us when we lost Goldie 3 years ago to cancer.  We got this poem from our vet when they heard she had passed away.  Our pets are just like our kids and we wouldn't be without them.
Take care and talk to you later.
Mark and Diane
Minnesota, USA