Welcome to

The Open House for
Glewwe's Castle Brewery, 
Prior Lake, Minnesota USA

Home Made Root Beer since 1994

People keep asking about how we do all the stuff we do,
so we decided to have an Open House to let them see for themselves.

Come Visit Us!

Our Open houses are on specific Sundays
May thru October
1pm - 5pm

This Year (2017):  May 21, June 11, June 25, July 9, 
August 20
September 10, October 1 and October 15

What is can be better than relaxing with the traditional and public domain music of America?

What drink goes best with Bluegrass?  Celtic?  Americana?  Yodeling?
Come find out with us.

with Special Musical Guests like:

Ben Manning
Born in Bangor, Wales; he plays the guitar and occasionally picks up the mandolin;
he vocalizes old-timey songs

Bill Cagley
Music of all ages for all ages; including
old time country, cowboy, sixties folk, bluegrass, and lots more

Broken Heartland String Band (June 11)
Bluegrass, Honky-Tonk, Americana, Folk

Celtic Cat and Prairie Dog (Oct 15)
Celtic and traditional Americana music

Country Squirrels (July 9)
Country & Swing

Elgin Foster (or his facebook page)
Incorporating finger style, jazz, heavy metal and blues 

Flatt and Square (Sept. 10)
Folk and Celtic music 

Flemming Fold
Americana (bluegrass, country, old-time, gospel...) and Alpine folk music with yodeling

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
Fuses an eclectic mix of original and traditional bluegrass-edged tunes with jazz and world/fusion elements

Greenwood Tree (June 25)
Celtic music of the British Isles

Lehto & Wright
Celtic, American folk and folk-rock

Long Time Gone
  "Golden Era" of Bluegrass

Pride of the Prairie (or their facebook page)
little bit of bluegrass, old-time and classic country music

Platte Valley Boys

Switched at Birth (Oct 1)
  unique blend of bluegrass, country, folk, and blues acoustic music

Tim Fast (Aug 20)
  unique blend of bluegrass, country, folk, and blues acoustic music

U Can Jug or Nots
  Playing jug music, with Ukes, Cans, etc.  They might even have a jug.

The Zillionaires (or their facebook page) (May 21)
laying original music from a wide swath of musical styles. A variety band, yes indeed.

Or how about joining us with an afternoon of socializing

We have been known to provide some foods.
Especially if it is made with one of our beverages.

or bring and share some food and join the fun. 
Things that are always appreciated are:

Minnesota Hot Dish

Kettle of Soup or Chili

Summer Salad

Crackers, Sausage & Cheese


Watch fresh apples ground into bits and pressed into fresh apple juice.
(just the first step for making true apple cider)

How do you make apple juice?  cider?  What does it taste like?
Come find out with us.

October 2

Pairings with Lindt Chocolate!! 

What variation of chocolate goes with root beer? ginger beer?  other sodas? 
or how about ales?  wines?  ciders?
Come find out with us.

Check out our upcoming events for this year.

Here is a map & directions

Here are some things you may see and do.

People start arriving at 1pm and come 'n go most of the afternoon.

The humble brewery.

Demonstrations on apple pressing,

Demonstrations on soda making and bottling

and even talk on how to make beer, wine, cider and mead at home.

U Can Jug or Nots

Flemming Fold
            playing in 2013  Celtic
            Cat and Prairie Dog  Flatt and
or just sit back and listen to some local musicians

And a helpful staff, if you want to buy some of the sodas before you go home.

And maybe Laurel will forget to clothe Aphrodites.

It should be a wonderful day.  Thank you for your friendship over the years.

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