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Glewwe's Castle Brewery, 
Prior Lake, Minnesota USA

Home Made Root Beer since 1994

We prefer you contact us about sales at one of our Farmers Markets, such as the Little Market that Could.  The market is open Thursdays from 4pm until 7pm from June to the end of September.  The market is located just west of Tractor Supply at CR-23 and MN-13 in Prior Lake.  You can also find us at other events.

If you are unable to visit the markets or have other inquiries, you can contact us at:

Phone: 952-440-4558
E-mail: brewer at glewwe-castle.com
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If you are coming out to visit, please consider Saturdays between 9am and 2pm, one of our open house events, or make an appointment. Here is a Map and Directions
Note:  Summer 2022, CR 27 (Texas Avenue) is under construction to install multiple lanes.  Please consider this construction as you plan your travels.

Other supporting roles that help us be successful:

Vice President of Operations vpoop at glewwe-castle.com
Viceroy of Leadership, Administration & Donjon vlad at glewwe-castle.com
Director of Research & Development rd at glewwe-castle.com
If you want More (Distribution) more at glewwe-castle.com
Please, no rush orders.  Especially in our off-season (October-April).  This is a hand-crafted, home made product, that takes time to produce.  The kids will attest to every step is all done by hand, including the bottle washing, bottle filling, capping, and labeling.

Sorry, we are pretty low tech. No Twitter feeds, or other such silliness. But you can check out a Facebook fanclub or the Facebook site (run by our son Erik & his ever faithful companion Lauren), or unbias assessments of our root beers at Anthony's Root Beer Barrel or Eric's Gourmet Root Beer.

Cheers from the Staff and Fans

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