Hear Ye Hear Ye

Oktoberfest 1996

An Announcement to spawn your imagination 
and to bring you a bunch of delight

The harvest is in and the Glewwe Estate is hosting the next in a series of Oktober Festivals. This year’s festival is distinct because of a deep desire to partake of the merriment while the weather is still warm. Hence, this year, the festivities will commence: 
Date: Saturday, September 14th, 1996
Time: 3:00 p.m. until everyone leaves 
(Please note: Laurel has the final word as to when you folk have to leave)
Food: Will be served between 5 and 6 p.m.
Where: 4620 207th Street East, Prior Lake
Last time (I apologize for the fact it has been 2 years) some of you tried samples of my latest hobby: homebrewing. I will have more samples available - as well as distinctly fine brews from around the world.
Trophy Not to brag (too much), but I took 1st place in the 1995 Renaissance Festival Cider competition. Sorry! I drank all of that, but I have some new cider that I believe to be promising. Ask me about this year’s results (Competition is held Labor Day).

As for that bottle of Lite, no one drank it last time so I am tempted to not clutter the selection with another.

This year’s motto: Eat, Drink, and be Merry; for tomorrow we diet.

As is traditional, we will provide beverages (beer, wine, soda), an entree, and a side dish. We ask that you bring a favorite Epicurean delight to share with the others. Remember! If it is good, bring lots. If not, bring enough for yourself. Weather permitting, we will build a bon fire at dusk. Eat, drink, mingle, tell Ole & Lena jokes, discuss the weather, visit with old friends and new acquaintances, try and guess "who are those other people?". This is intended to be a clean day of excessive eating, drinking, and merrimaking; so feel free to bring the kids.

RSVP (440-4558) is requested, but not required.

Mark & Laurel Glewwe

Proudly sponsored by the Glewwe Castle Brewery. Homebrewing fine Ales, Meads, and Ciders since 1994.

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