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Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with the International Brethren for Promotion of Global Warming (IBPGW)


We believe:

Basis of Belief

Global Warming is a natural phenomenon

Nature has a way of adapting and adjusting to changes.  If the deer population drops, there is less food for the wolves.  If the wolf population drops, the deer population grows and increases the food for the wolves - thus restoring the wolf population.

In general, nature retains balance by continually adjusting the scales to compensate for changing parameters.  All the scientific evidence implies that the earth is adjusting well to higher levels of CO2.  The environmental changes appear to reducing the CO2 levels.  The environment is working correctly.   The fact that mankind is having difficulties adapting shows a shortcoming in mankind - not the global environment.

By the way, it is quite arrogant of human beings to assume the world is here to support them.  Many populations have become extinct to maintain the global balance.  If humans are the cause of global warming, maybe the global judgment of extinction is justified.

Global Warming is a zero sum game, with a non negative impact at a global perspective

The global environment is a balancing act of many (not just 2 like many environmentalist want you to believe) elements.  Many folk who are trying to excite the population like to simplify the problem.  They would like you to believe we can impact the balance.  We can impact the parameters, but the balance is out of our hands.

Human ignorance allows us to jump to simple solution for complex problems.  War.  Famine.  Poverty.  Global Warming.

The best science we can produce has shown us how little we understand our planet and its means of survival.  It has survived for a long time - with or without us.  It is our self-serving attitudes that believe the world is dying because we are inconvenienced.

Global Warming is a political issue being used by opponents to retain their power and influence

This has turned into a typical struggle between the "haves" and the "have-nots".  There is a natural shifting of power occurring.  Those that have benefited from the status quo are now seeing their political and economic influence slipping between their fingers.  Worse yet, the power is going into the hands of the people that traditionally been oppressed.

Take for example climate change on agriculture.  Northern, colder climates are sick and tired of being limited to eating turnips, potatoes, and other hardy (but less than appetizing) foods.  As such, the southern climates have been able to export food at significant profits to themselves and increasing dependence of the northerners.  In sociological terms, they are creating a dysfunctional relationship, where the dominant player is rewarded and the dependent player is just surviving.

Now that the assumptions of climate are changing and causing the predatory "warmer" climates to adapt - they cry "foul".  They are being forced to spend their money on survival aspects rather than on their precious luxury items.  The only true question is if the newer powers will be allowed to expand their influence, or the governance will abdicate their trusted duties and and act like malignant situations as apartide in South Africa or Britain's empirical subjugation of its colonies.

In the end, liberty and justice for all will prevail.  The question is the price for the liberty and justice in terms of economic ruin and even spillage of blood .

Minnesota and her citizens stands to gain locally

If the climate does get warmer (which is questionable), we in Minnesota stand to gain.  It is freaking cold up here in the tundra.  Our neighbors to the north (Canada, etc. for you geographically challenged) even have it worse, but we will limit our focus to the citizens of Minnesota, USA.

Some of the advantages are:

Some of the disadvantages are: In the end, it seems like the positive aspects far outweigh the negative aspects.  We believe that Minnesota should embrace global warming and fight the oppressive powers that are trying to prevent of the new age.


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We denounce the beliefs and actions of the International Brethren for Promotion of Global Warming (IBPGW).  The premise that the global balance can be raised for everyone's benefit are the ranting of a people that still believe in perpetual motion machines and that anything good can come from Washington DC.  Their arguments are unsupported by any test of logic or science.  A pox on them and their children.

More information to be announced in the future.