‘Tis the season to be jolly

OK! I can hear it now: "Another year and another form letter from those Glewwe’s." But Wait! This year, we may have more (if not valuable) things to say. After all, Mark broke his ankle, we purchased a fancy new computer (just to write this letter), and we are putting up a REAL Christmas tree this year. Now, are you ready to keep reading?!?

Diana has successfully survived her first year as a teenager with the honor of earning her Girl Scout Silver Award. She continues to do well in eighth grade. Even as busy as she has been, she still had time to join her dad in Sioux City, Iowa over Labor Day for her first wargaming convention. She must have enjoyed it because she is asking to go to another.

Mark really did break his ankle (in two places) in mid-May. After a traumatic month of bed rest, the family sent him back to work. The kids really took it hard because his presence was interfering with their rite of summer vacation. Six months later, the surgeon declared Mark at his "maximum medical capacity". We hope that is good.

Mark continues to work at Computing Devices, but Laurel took the jump of faith and quit her secure (if unfullfilling) job at Unisys. She is now an account consultant for Progressive Technologies. A swelled head, a title on her own business cards, and a job in the growing field of telecommunications. Whew! Her head is spinning now! But if that was not enough, Laurel was just honored as "Employee of the Year" at Progressive. Bravo! Way to Go!!

Mark just keeps on winning those brewing competitions at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. This year, first place for Mead and second place for Cider. Laurel is dismayed. To her, this just means he is more encouraged to buy more stuff and make more beer.

Erik is in third grade and turns 9 years old in January. He is asking that we all remember how good he has been this past year. Do you think he is scheming to get more birthday presents?!? But really, he has been great and is still in Cub Scouts. He is a bear this year. Grrrr!

Well, it is time we go out into that vast wilderness we fondly refer to as the Glewwe Estates, and pounce on a poor defenseless evergreen tree. That tree will give up its very life for the fleeting pleasures of being an ornamental bauble. But never fear! It will extract its revenge and ooze sap all over our carpet and furnishings. But Wait! I see it clearly now ... this is a ploy by Laurel to buy new carpet. The plot for next year’s epistle is already beginning to form!

Happy Holidays

The Glewwe Family

The responsible adults: Mark & Laurel

The kindred: Diana (age 14) & Erik (age 8)

The household pets: Spot (the dog), Shadow (the cat), and Tweetie (the bird)