Welcome to Laurel's Playground

Laurel is entertained by other things like travel, flower gardening, Drinking Wine, Eating Chocolates, etc.  I have discovered Department 56.  I am the wife of a home brewer.  Read about my endurance.  I also just love my family.

Department 56

One day, I was doing a little shopping and went into a Department 56 shop.  Generally, fun to look, but too expensive for my own tastes.  But, I stumbled across a cider house.  Knowing how much apple cider Mark makes, I felt compelled to get it.  That was the beginning.  Today, I set up in Mark's brewery ... you can see my tables along the right side of the Christmas theme park has in the brewery.


Here are some other close up pictures.  In general, we start with autumn harvest time, move into Halloween, then into winter and Christmas.  I am beginning to imagine a need for Springtime and Summer.

The Cider House
The Graveyard with the horse drawn hearse
The Theatre, amidst the Halloween decorations

A Christmas Sliegh

Christmas street life

Christmas village life

My Family

Christmas Time, 2008

My Husband (Mark) has the cat (Shadow), and the kids (Erik and Diana) are hinding in the back.
I bravely participated.  Luckily, the Dog (Xena) could not be found at the time of this photo opprotunity.