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Saior Moon



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Dirty Pair

    This is an anime about two girls who work for Worlds Welfare Works Association (WWWA or 3WA) in the 22nd century. The 3WA's purpose is to help individuals, organizations, governments, planets, etc. deal with problems that they can't handle on their own. Organizations petition the 3WA for assistance, and if the 3WA's Central Computer accepts the petition, then a fee is set, and a trouble consultant team dispatched upon payment of the fee. Trouble Consultants are individuals and teams trained to be experts in a wide variety of fields, and teams with appropriate skills are assigned to handle any given problem. Kei and Yuri, the two girls this anime is centered around, are criminal trouble consultants, that is, they solve crimes.

    Now I have only seen the second OVA series, "Dirty Pair Flash". Flash is essentially a prequel to the other Dirty Pair works but it was all I could get my hands on.  In that series the two girls are still new in the 3WA and are considered to be one of the worst teams that there is.  There code name, Lovely Angels, was supposed to belong to the best team before them and no one can understand how 3WA's main computer glitched and gave them the name.

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The Record of the Lodoss War

    If you have ever played D&D you should rcognize this story line.   Six warriors head off in search of something that will help them save their world.   The six heros are Parn, a young fighter, Deedlit, an elf,  Slayn, a magic user, Ghim, a dwarf, Woodchuck, a theif, and Etoh, a priest.  They travel from place to place in hope's of finding a way to defeat Karla, the "Grey Witch".

The story takes place at a time after the titanic clash of the gods, where the land has once again been populated and civilized by the people. Kingdoms have sprouted and many have flourished, yet amidst it all there is a tension that cannot be denied.

As goblin raids continue to disrupt the peace of his village, Parn, the main protagonist, is sent out by the mayor as their representative to Alania in order to find out what is stirring the land. He is joined by a small company of people, each with different reasons for accompanying him. Together, they brave the dangers of Lodoss : a power-hungry king bent on conquering the land; a mysterious black knight; a witch who has lived for thousands of years; a band of dark elves; a sorcerer who has awakened the spirit of Kardis, the Goddess of Destruction; several ancient dragons and a host of goblins, orcs, ogres and kobolds.

The Age of Gods was closing. Eternity had come to an end. The heavens shook as the armies of Falis, God of Light clashed with those of Falaris, God of Darkness. In the unceasing battle which followed, the earth wept... The seas boiled... At last, only two survivors remained of both sides - Marfa, Goddess of Creation, and Kardis, Goddess of Destruction, who met in a clash which echoed to the ends of the earth. At the end of their fierce battle a new land was born, split off from the continent as the life fires of the goddesses of Light and Dark flickered and died away.

Thousands of years have since passed. And now, the land to the south of the continent of Alecrast has become known as "Lodoss - The Accursed Island."

The tale began with a small band of heroes who, from unlikely beginnings, rose to legendary stature through their bravery and dedication. This was the tale of Parn, the son of a disgraced knight, Deedlit, a mysterious elf, Ghim, an aging dwarf with a seven-year old quest, Slayn, a hedge wizard, Etoh, an initiate in the church of Falis, and Woodchuck, a less-than-successful pilferer. What follows is a concise description of their fearsome journey to rescue the realm from a horrible end.

The adventure began as these six heroes slowly learned of Emperor Beld's Marmo forces who has begun their invasion of the surrounding kingdoms. Soon, they found themselves in a quest to warn the surrounding kingdoms of the approaching danger. Their travels brought them through the Forest of No Return where they encountered Karla, the "Grey Witch". Karla's attempt to capture Princess Fianna was thwarted with the intervention of the companions.

Having rescued Princess Fianna, the heroes were honored in King Fauhn's court where they met the warrior king, Kashue. An assassination attempt on Kashue was launched in the middle of a lavish party. The desert king, however, managed to survive Karla's attempt on his life and pledged to combat the "Grey Witch".

With Emperor Beld's forces fast approaching, the heroes were enlisted to seek out Wort in order to decipher Karla's true intentions. After discovering her true origins, the companions rushed back to find the kingdom in the midst of a major invasion. Stalwartly deciding to aid King Fauhn, Parn was accepted into the order of holy knights. Meanwhile, Ghim and Slayn ventured to deal with Karla and discover her link with Leylia, the daughter of Neese.

A great battle ensued as King Fauhn and his allies engaged the Marmo invasion forces in the battlefield. Parn fought Ashram, the black knight, the individual who led the successful invasion of Myce. To conclude the battle, King Fauhn and Emperor Beld agreed to a duel. It was a duel, however, that neither won, as Karla decided to balance the scales by slaying the victor.

Pursuing Ghim to Karla's stronghold in Lake Stillness, the heroes encountered Shiris and Orson, a berserker. Although their first encounter resulted in a clash of steel, they soon became invaluable allies. Arriving at Karla's castle, the companions engaged Karla in an epic battle where Ghim finally freed Leylia from Karla's influence at the cost of his very life. However, Karla's spirit, which was bound to a magical circlet, managed to take possession of Woodchuck's body instead.

Meanwhile, Ashram attempted to subdue the powers of Beld's enchanted sword and lead the Marmo to fulfil the task that his predecessor had planned. Wagnard, a powerful wizard who served Beld in the past, persuaded the black knight to quest for the Scepter of Domination to further enhance the Marmo's strength. With Ashram gone, the wizard sent Pirotess, a dark elf, to capture Deedlit, but the attempt was thwarted with the help of Shiris and Orson.

Ashram soon discovered that Kashue, for his own reasons, was also headed for Fire Dragon Mountain. The two forces clashed to retrieve the Scepter of Domination. However, its guardian, a powerful dragon named Shooting Star, rose to protect the ancient relic. During the battle, Ashram managed to acquire the scepter, only to have it stolen from him by the plotting Wagnard. In the ensuing chaos, Pirotess surrendered herself to save Ashram's life.

With his newly acquired powers, Wagnard easily captured Deedlit and began preparations to perform the ceremony to resurrect Kardis the destroyer. Barely escaping with his life, Parn and his companions set out to free Deedlit from Wagnard's diabolic plan: to feed the high elf's eternal life to Kardis.

    The battle came to Marmo, with the vast armies of good and evil in the grip of a war of attrition. Meanwhile, the heroes managed to steal into Wagnard's underground lair where Parn and Ashram, who was rescued by Karla, faced the evil wizard in an epic battle. The conflict resulted in the death of Wagnard and Ashram. Parn, on the other hand, barely managed to rescue Deedlit by using both King Fauhn's and Emperor Beld's magical swords to prevent Kardis' resurrection.

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