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Welcome traveler to my page.  You most be either lost or have come searching specificall for me to have gotten here.  Either way you are welcome to stay and look.  Though I am afrad that there is not much to see, but I am geting ahead of myself and being unbeleivable rude.  I must be getting senile in my old age.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sasha.  I have been called other things but I must admit to a certain fondness for this name.  I am but a humble business woman.  I make enough to live comfortably and take care of my few needs in this world.  Nothing too glamorous I'm afraid but, all things considered, I'm rather glad about that.  As for what type of bussiness I happen to be in, it seems to change at regular interval.   Though if for some reason you are truly interested in some of the jobs and people I have connections with, I will direct you to a respectable firm that has resently been employing people called 

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 I do happen to have a few hobbies that I am rather addicted to.  I have become recently interested in old folk lore.  Stories and legends of all those mythical and mystical creatures, such as the elves and sorcessers, vampires and werewolves.  I have started a collection of such things and if anyone has things pertaining to them, I am looking to add to my collection.  Such things that pertain to Atlantis are also of great interest to me.

I am afraid that I have rather failed in that whole civil service thing.  I don't exactly donate blood to the American Red Cross and I am not a big voter.  As long as the government does it job and stays out of my life, I am content to let other people worry about foreign and domestic policies, who should be President for the next four years and so on.  I'm am sorry if this does not strike your particular fancy, but to each his own.

I did happen to go to a rather elite school and am in the process of building a page for them but I am afraid that it is only open to graduates and password protected.

If you wish to contact me simlply send me and e-mail at diana@millcomm.com and I will do my utmost to get back to you at a decent time.

And this is my winter solstus gift to a leather clad friend of mine.

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