WW1 Aircombat


This is my current infatuation (well...one of them, anyway), and is the one (semi-)serious historical project in the Factory's lab.  Though still very much works-in-progress, the games are being made available to the general public in order to gain feedback from as great a pool of people as possible.

The games are very different from the majority of aircombat games availabIe.  Looking at the slideshows of playtest games and sample moves and such on the Factory's photobucket page could provide useful visual clues to how the things work --having a pint of something nice at your elbow while reading the rules wouldn't hurt, either!

UPDATE (11/11/11)
The introductory 'Dogfite!' has been abandoned, and the original has been renamed 'Aerial Craps' and been altered to include the 'Pilot Point' idea and 'bucket o'dice' game mechanic (as opposed to rolls vs a target number) used in the WAD version.  'Watch Algy Dogfight' (WAD) has received the most play / work since the last update was made, and is the closest to a 'done deal' as can be had in a game that has undergone no real playtesting.  Still, the original warning concerning the finished-quality of these still applies: they're still very much in the test tube and are barely recognizable as 'real' rules, much less walking-talking versions.

The logs and reference sheets are written on legal-sized sheets, and are meant to be scaled to print two-to-a-sheet (side by side) on normal, letter-sized sheets of paper (or cardstock).

UPDATE (4/2/22)
Much has changed in over a decade. The 'Aerial Craps' rules have been tinkered with off and on, and WAD has seen little-to-no attention - the downloads available below are still from 2011.

The 'brawlfactory' Yahoo email has died alongside the Photobucket account, and the 'Miniature Wargames' site where discussion could be found/had is also defunct.

The latest thinking / updates / photos can now be found over at https://brawlfactory.net/ and some discussion is at https://www.thewargameswebsite.com/forums/topic/gweirdas-odd-pov

Get copies of Don's spiffy Rules:

Aerial Craps  Downloads: 
Rules (pdf 203KB)

Reference Sheet (pdf 48KB)

Aircraft Logs (pdf 10KB)

2-place Aircraft Logs (pdf 10KB)
WAD! Downloads:
WAD Rules (pdf 82KB)

WAD Reference Cards (pdf 14KB)

WAD Aircraft Log (pdf 16KB)

WAD 2-place Aircraft Log (pdf 14KB)

The Editor of the Miniature Wargaming site has kindly allowed space in the Forums for discussion of the game.
If you have a question or would like to post a comment please feel free to do so at http://www.miniaturewargaming.com/index.php/forums/viewthread/1403/

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