Beer & Pretzel Space Marines

This is one of the oldest and most-requested games in the Factory --I usually get scolded (or at least met with "Where are the Space Marines?") if I fail to bring it to a Con-- so I figured I'd better make it available before spending time on other projects.

The game was inspired by (-that's designer-speak for "mostly stolen from") Rich Jordison's versions of "Aliens" and "Starship Troopers" that he ran at MAGE-Cons years back.  While it resembles "Space Hulk" in bits (in the spaceship scenarios, at least) it was made before I ever saw GW's terminators battling genestealers, or even knew what Warhammer was.  The game was born when I spotted a box of SF soldiers and another of genestealers on sale which became the pieces of another in the series of Friday-afterschool-games that greeted my children at the end of the week.  The beast grew with the addition of more figures and more scenarios (inspired by whatever was found on sale or lying in a corner or perhaps by the season or ...?) until it became one of the Factory's most popular / enduring monsters, and I've given away quite a bit of beer and pretzels as prizes over the years!

These are provided for those who wish to play a game they encountered at a Con, or as a general guide / sampling to inspire your own ideas.

NOTE: All of these downloads are far from checked / perfect:

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Space Marines Downloads:  Rules (pdf 42KB)
Scenario - Arctic (pdf 47KB)    
Scenario - Desert A (pdf 39KB)  
Scenario - Desert B (pdf 39KB)    
Scenario - Jungle (pdf 35KB)  
Scenario - Labyrinth (pdf 40KB)
Scenario - Spaceship A (pdf 57KB)
Scenario - Spaceship B (pdf 57KB)
Scenario - Urban A (pdf 51KB)
Scenario - Urban B (pdf 49KB)    

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