Skating Penguins

This game is a playful spoof of all those aerial / space combat games that minimize or ignore the third dimension.  Here --in a no-pretence world of 2D maneuver-- flightless birds battle each other on an Antarctic ice sheet.  A token nod to Newtonian physics guides the action as foes slide and pivot (and slip and fall...) while trying to line each other up for a killing shot. Skating Penguins

In addition to the rules (8 pages), there are also some playing aides available:

A sheet of 9 blank stat cards to record penguin-type abilities and characteristics,

A sheet of 2  4" x 6" reference cards listing the firing rules and modifiers, and

A sheet of 2  4" x 6" reference cards listing the sample penguin-type stats.

Get copies of Don's spiffy Rules:

Skating Penguins Downloads:  Rules (pdf 116KB)
Cards (pdf 8KB)
Firing (pdf 34KB)
Stats (pdf 17KB)


The Penguin Emperor

Penguin Emperor When the game is played at a Convention, players keep track of how many times they make a kill and how many times they are killed.

The player with the highest kill-minus-killed number is dubbed "Penguin Emperor" and has his/her name inscribed on the "Iceburg of Fame".

I would be happy to place any deserving name (The honor requires at least two kills to qualify) upon the trophy: just email me with the information and immortality is yours!

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