Salad Bar

This is my attempt at making a card game --everyone else seemed to be doing it, so I figured I may as well give it a shot...

While designed for four players, experience has shown that three-player games turn out fine as well.

Get copies of Don's spiffy Rules:

Salad Bar Downloads:  Rules (pdf 17KB
Item Cards (pdf 686KB)
Action Cards (pdf 12KB)
Player Type Trays (pdf 17KB)

Notes on the cards:

The file for the Item cards contains 11 pages of card faces (9 cards per page) and 1 page of card backs.  The file for the Action cards contains 3 pages of card faces (9 cards per page: this means that you will need to print each page twice to get a full set of 54 cards) and 1 page of card backs.  Print them up on blank white cardstock and cut them apart.  The outside-edge lines are not toggled for printing because the final, cut size of the top and bottom rows extends beyond the printing area.

Using color-coded cardholders to differentiate between Item and Action cards will eliminate the need to spend ink printing the card backs.

Optional equipment:

Full-size player trays can be made (similar to the layouts shown on the player-type cards) to provide
a visual aide to the game's current status, re: who's got or needs what cards.  These can be as simple as a quick drawing on a legal-size (8 ½" x 14" ) sheet of paper, or the marking / painting of vinyl placemats or a set of plastic cafeteria trays.

Really Love the Rules?!?  Don gladly accepts donations and contributions.
Feel free to contact him for his favorite form of payment.  See the bottom of the page for his e-mail address.

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