Easter Race

This is a boardgame created to celebrate the season at M.A.G.E.'s annual SpringCon, and involves icons / themes surrounding the vernal equinox from various mythologies (including a family favorite: the traditional Peep Pounding!).

NOTE: Those who are easily offended by "non-PC" irreverence are advised to steer clear of this game (unless a sort of masochistic pleasure is to be had by seeking exposure to things that are upsetting, then by all means: grab your favorite self-flagellator and download away!).

Get copies of Don's spiffy Rules:

Easter Race Downloads:  Rules (pdf 85KB)
Board Spaces (pdf 574KB)
Victory Tokens (pdf 137KB)
Brothel Cards (pdf 69KB)
Bonus Cards (pdf 76KB)

There's lots of pieces-parts to this --if desired, you can skip printing the pictures for the board spaces and get by with a simple, hand-drawn board to indicate the board layout.  Also: any of the card or token graphics can be skipped / simplified to save on ink.

Really Love the Rules?!?  Don gladly accepts donations and contributions.
Feel free to contact him for his favorite form of payment.  See the bottom of the page for his e-mail address.

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